Shirt Cutting Ideas Easy – Great Ways to Custom Your Unused Shirts

Shirt cutting ideas easy

Do you know that cutting your shirts can make them brand new again? If you have several unused shirts, let’s check the “shirt cutting ideas easy” article. Here you’ll find interesting ideas to DIY your old shirts rather than throw them away.

How to cut your shirt?
How to cut your shirt?

Neckline cutting t shirt

With t shirt cutting techniques, including sewing, no-sew, and combination, you can choose to apply them to many types of necklines. Here are the three most popular t shirt neckline cutting ideas that you should not overlook.

A scoop-neck 

First, fold your t-shirt vertically, lay it flat, and smooth it down to eliminate any wrinkles.

Measure about 1 inch below the collar’s bottom or more if you want a bigger scoop. Then, mark the position of the new neckline with a fabric marker or a pin.

Begin with a curved line and cut along the contour of the original neckline. Keep the shirt’s two layers together to guarantee a consistent neckline all the way around. 

A scoop-neck shirt
A scoop-neck shirt

A choker V-neck

Lay your shirt flat and smooth it down to eliminate any wrinkles.

Next, draw a v-shape in its front layer with your fabric pen. Create a cutout, then finish by giving your old shirt a little stretch.

A choker V-neck shirt
A choker V-neck shirt

A girly V-neck 

Measure 6 inches down from the shoulder’s high point to create a V-neckline from a t-shirt.

Fold your shirt in half to locate the neckline’s center. Then, draw a V-neckline using the marking.

To remove the old neckband, cut along the line. Remember to cut the sleeves off to get a new appearance.

A girly V-neck shirt
A girly V-neck shirt

Shoulder cutting t-shirt

Look for shirt cutting ideas easy? Then, consider having a shoulder cut as follows. 


Lay your shirt flat first, then use a marker or fabric chalk to draw a line along the side of the collar and from the underarm to the middle of the collar.

Then, remove the marked area by cutting through the back and front layers along the line you created.

One-shoulder cutting shirt
One-shoulder cutting shirt


Lay your shirt flat, then outline the collar underneath with a curve running from the seam of one shoulder to the other.

Remove the marked portion by cutting through the shirt’s front and back layers.

Off-the-shoulder cutting shirt
Off-the-shoulder cutting shirt


Along one side of the collar, lay your shirt flat until you reach the center. Next, draw a straight line down the shirt’s center until you reach the sleeve.

On either side of the shoulder seam, draw two lines and connect the second one to the sleeve’s tip.

Finally, cut through the shirt’s front and back layers and remove the pieces you’ve cut out. Cut following the lines to preserve the shoulder seam. Then, you have a cold-shouder t shirt.

Cold-shoulder cutting shirt
Cold-shoulder cutting shirt

Sleeve cutting t shirt

For sleeve cutting, the easiest way is to make it sleeveless. 

Leave around 4 to 5 inches below the sides of the shirt after cutting them down. You can choose the desired shoulder strap width and cut the shirt appropriately. Then, stretch your cuts to prevent the fabric from appearing to have been cut unevenly.

A sleeveless cutting shirt
A sleeveless cutting shirt

Wrapping up

Have you decided which cutting idea to apply? These suggestions are not too difficult to do, so you can try to do it at home and of course, the result will surprise you.


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