T shirt neckline cutting ideas: 3 Easy Ways to Change Your T Shirt

t shirt neckline cutting ideas

What do you often do with your old t shirt? Throw away, put it in the wardrobe with other unused clothes, or give away? Well, we are here to solve your problems. With some neckline cutting, you can give them a new life. So, let’s check some t shirt neckline cutting ideas and how to do them.

How to cut your t shirt neckline?
How to cut your t shirt neckline?

A v-neck cutting

  • The first thing to do is cut off the t shirt’s collar directly underneath the seam.
  • Decide how deep you want your v-neck opening to be. Then, mark the spot where you want the V point with a pin.
  • Fold it vertically in half to make the side seams match up. Then, use the scissors and shape the v-neck by making a straight cut from the marked point to the high shoulder points. Remember to merely cut the back side of your t shirt.
  • Now, put your new shirt on and decide if you need to shape it any further. You should prioritize an even and smooth neck opening.
A v-neck shirt cutting
A v-neck shirt cutting

A choker neckline cutting

A choker neckline has been a big trend. It combines a halter top, turtle neck, and necklace. Cutting a choker neckline is straightforward, and somehow similar to a v-neck cutting. Here is a step by step t shirt cut DIY:

  • First, lay your t shirt flat and remove any wrinkles.
  • Then, draw a v-shape outline in its front layer using chalk, marker, or fabric pen. Consider how deep you need your v-neck to be. Most choker t shirts have a 2 to 3 inches v-neck.
  • Cut along the outline you have made. Avoid making too many cuts since it may lead to jagged edges and even cut into the collar.
A choker neckline cutting
A choker neckline cutting

A scoop neck cutting

  • Hold your t shirt vertically, put it on a flat surface, and remove any wrinkles.
  • Measure 1 inch below the collar’s bottom and mark it. If you want it to have a bigger scoop, you can make your neckline lower. Just remember to measure below the collar’s bottom instead of the top.
  • Next, cut in a curved line following the shape of the original neckline. While cutting, ensure you have both shirt’s layers in the scissors, or else the neckline will be crooked. Also, try to make each cut long to avoid any jagged edges.
  • Hold the neckline in several different places and pull it on to hide any jagged points.
A scoop neck cutting
A scoop neck cutting

In addition to these neckline cutting suggestions, you can find more ways to DIY your shirt here: shirt cutting ideas easy

Wrapping Up

Now we have gone through 3 t shirt neckline cutting ideas. Hopefully, you will find t shirt DIY easier with our suggestions.


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