Festival Outfits for Guys: Great Ideas of What To Wear to a Festival

festival outfits for guys

Have you ever been wowed by seeing stunning festival outfits for guys? Here you come to the right place. You can easily find some best festival clothing ideas in this article. Let’s check it out!

What to wear at a festival?
What to wear at a festival?

Tips to Choose Festival Outfits for Guys

Unlike your casual clothes, picking festival outfits is challenging since not all clothes are suitable for a festival. Here are some tips you should remember.

#1. Do not wear your most precious clothing

Avoid wearing your best or most pricey clothing. The reality of most festivals is that you’ll sweat and get dirty. Even worse, drinks may spill. 

You are there not to flex, but to have fun. Therefore, avoid putting on outfits that you extremely like.

#2. Choose comfort over all else

You should be comfortable in your clothes since you will be out for several hours. Wearing something that appears attractive but is uncomfortable or hinders your movement will not make you feel happy.

#3. Select practical clothing

Based on where the festival takes place, there might be something causing a mess like mud. In that case, your festival outfits should preferably be washable, crease-resistant, and long-lasting.

You should choose practical clothing
You should choose practical clothing

#4. Pick a style

Before going to a festival, remember to choose a style matching it. For example, if you are going to participate in a country music festival, then country themed outfits will be an excellent idea.

Ideas of Festival Outfits for Guys 

Now, it’s time to discover several festival outfit ideas for guys. Let’s check!

T-shirt or festival shirt  

You can wear your shirt as part of your casual clothing since it is comfortable. So why not choose it for a festival? 

You can choose a printed shirt with undone buttons, which will give off a summer vibe. Likewise, Hawaiian prints, floral, leaves, and palm tree prints are also great options.

How about going for drag racing t shirt designs? It will help you look more impressive.

A drag racing t shirt designs
A drag racing t shirt designs

Festival pants and shorts

Every festival has denim, whether light-washed and shredded or dark and rugged. Anything you choose to wear on top has a decent chance of looking good, and jeans will shield your lower legs from mud, grass, insects, and temperature changes. Pants are the same way.

Additionally, with their numerous pockets and accessibility in most retail establishments, cargo shorts are a practical option for bottoms.

Denim pants for guys
Denim pants for guys


Fortunately, you can use casual sneakers or any other shoes you feel comfortable with since you will be out for several hours.

You can put on boots in black colors and rusty browns as well. They will make your festival outfits more bohemian-inspired.

Black boots for men
Black boots for men


If you’re looking for something basic yet striking, a hat is a great focal point, in which a cap is an obvious choice.

A washed-out denim cap is a terrific option because it’s adaptable and stylish. Also, brighter caps provide some color to monochromatic outfits.

You can wear a cap to a festival
You can wear a cap to a festival


If you plan to go to a summer festival, sunglasses are necessary. They will help protect your eyes from the direct sunlight.

Mirrored sunglasses can make you stand out from the crowd by completing your festival outfit.

Sunglasses are vital for a summer festival
Sunglasses are vital for a summer festival

Bottom Line

Based on the suggestions, we hope you can choose a great outfit for yourself. After that, let’s enjoy the festival!


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