Best Colors for Family Pictures Outside: Best Ideas for Each Season

best colors for family pictures outside

You just deal a family photography session with a skilled photographer, and now you are very excited. But wait! What colors should your family wear? Don’t feel worried when you’re unsure about this, as you are not alone. Here is our guide to the best colors for family pictures outside, which will work great for your upcoming photoshoot!

Best colors for family pictures outside
Best colors for family pictures outside

Tips On Colors for Family Pictures Outside

If your upcoming family photo session is outdoors, you should bear in mind some helpful tips related to choosing color schemes for family photos.

Neutral Colors

Neutral and natural colors are typically a great way when talking about taking family photos outdoors. So if you are feeling confused scouring through your closet, you can’t go wrong with something matching pieces of white and tan.

Neutral colors
Neutral colors

White Items for Beach Photo

A tan and white or muted color item will work great for any family photo taken at a beach. Just go with something that cannot get ruined from sand or ocean spray.

White items for beach photos
White items for beach photos

Coordinating Family Sweaters

Coordinated family sweaters could be your best bet if it’s worth preparing for a winter-themed photo session. Just make sure the patterns are not too overwhelming.

Coordinating family sweaters
Coordinating family sweaters

Bright Pop of Color

You can expect bright pops of colors to add personality to your family pictures, but ensure that they do not distract from the subjects. We recommend avoiding neon colors in general.

The bright pop of color
The bright pop of color

Avoid Matching Too Much

Your family members should not look exactly the same by using different clothing and shades from the same color palette.

Avoid matching too much
Avoid matching too much

Seasonal Colors for Family Pictures Outside

One of the things that make outdoor photography different from family photoshoot ideas indoor is that it is significantly influenced by the season.

So choosing colors for family pictures outside according to the season will help you blend in well with the overall colors and scenery of the photo.


Spring-themed pictures outfits
Spring-themed pictures outfits

These spring-themed family photo ideas will get you pictures that are perfect and ready for the new year. 

Generally, springtime calls for softer colors, like whites and pastels. Blues, yellows, and greens are also wonderful choices!

Here are our top picks:

  • Soft yellow
  • Spring green
  • Mint green
  • Baby blue
  • Cream
  • Lavender
  • Pale peach
  • Blush pink
  • Light gray


Summer-themed pictures outfits
Summer-themed pictures outfits

Summer will require a different color scheme and dress code than the rest of the seasons. The season is energetic, vibrant, and sunny! Summer flatters colors such as warm pinks, yellows, and oranges.

So, stick to the color schemes below, and you’ll be fine:

  • White
  • Bold Red
  • Yellow
  • Bright Orange
  • Turquoise
  • Bold Pink
  • Royal Blue


Fall Christmas-themed pictures outfits
Fall Christmas-themed pictures outfits

With these fantastic fall family photos, you can make excellent photo books to keep forever and look back on. 

Fall tones should be super warm, so you should consider earth tones and mix in neutrals as needed to balance out different skin tones.

Just go with the following color scheme and opt for items based on it:

  • Browns
  • Burnt Orange
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Dark Purple
  • Dark Shades of Green
  • Neutrals


Family Christmas-themed pictures outfits
Family Christmas-themed pictures outfits

There is no better Christmas gift for your family than unique and beautiful photos. 

Unlike the warm colors of autumn, winter is often characterized by a lack of color and cooler light.

Use these winter color combinations to create the perfect family photo and turn it into your best photo gift.

  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Medium to Dark Gray
  • Emerald Green
  • Ruby Red
  • Dark Purple
  • Blue

The Bottom Line

So you’ve reached the bottom of this article! Hopefully, this article has given you some delightful ideas for your upcoming outdoor family photo session!

Thanks for stopping by!


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