Basic rules to make 3D digital art for beginner T shirt Paint designs

beginner T shirt Paint designs

Some basic rules and tips for beginner T shirt Paint designs you need to know will be disclosed clearly in this post. What is digital 3D art? The difference between 2D and graphic design 3D, recommended tools for 3D graphics as well as basic rules for T-shirt Paint design. Let’s jump right in!

3D T-shirt design
3D T-shirt design

What is a 3D shirt design?

Instead of wearing a blank shirt, people make these boring items to become more attractive with print and embroidery on a shirt. 2D and 3D graphic designs are also used for this purpose. 

3D computer graphics design is the process of creating an item in three dimensions using computer modeling software. This signifies that the item has three key values allocated to it in order to comprehend its location in space. 

Thus, the 3D graphic T shirt design PNG is as lively as real. With just a 3D black T shirt and jeans, you also become a cool fashionista easily and attract lots of attention.

Freefire T-shirt 
Freefire T-shirt 

Compare 3D graphic design vs 2D design

Let’s take a look at the big difference between 2D and 3D graphic tee pictures printed on shirts.

2D graphic3D graphic
DefinitionThe 2D designs have 2 dimensions – width and heightThe 3D designs have three dimensions – width, height, and depth
AppearanceSimple, less lively, and less realLive, real
Difficulty to makeEasy to make a 2D graphic even using MS Paint drawingComplex and require more technicals to make a 3D design.
RequirementLess RAM, medium ping internet speed Take more RAM, low ping internet connection.
3D Paint MC
3D Paint MC
2D MS Paint
2D MS Paint

Basic rules for beginner T shirt Paint designs

After installing a good tool for your great T-shirt Paint designs, let’s keep in mind some basic tips below to custom t-shirt design nicely.

Take time for your intended concept:

Let’s spend some time making your T-shirt idea, sketch it on paper, or even in your mind. Don’t rush go straight to the design process. You can ask questions yourself like “what to wear with light blue jeans?”, what is the trendy T-shirt item? etc. From that, you can have interesting ideas.

Image your 3D design on a T-shirt:

Is it suitable to print the 3D design on a T-shirt? What is the meaning of the 3D design? The way a design appears on screen and on paper is significantly different. Don’t be hesitant to mock up your T-shirt design on a model’s photo. If required, print it out and put it on a real shirt. Before proceeding, be sure to inspect your artwork at its full size.

Image your 3D design on a T-shirt
Image your 3D design on a T-shirt

Consider your T-shirt market:

Who are your potential customers? Male or female? young or old? After all, you’re creating a product that you want people to wear. Try to write down a written description of the precise person you want to attract to your T-shirt design, just as a competent brand designer would – who they are, what they enjoy, what other companies they like, and go from there.

Choose the suitable colors:

Select suitable T-shirt colors and experiment with complementing colors. Turn on Global Colors mode if you use Adobe Illustrator. This can be a lifesaver and can save you a lot of time. Halftones can also be used to make the most of the few colors available to you.

Turn on Global Colors to select a suitable color
Turn on Global Colors to select a suitable color 

Choose a good printer:

Your T-shirt design can be finished and fully artworked, but your shirt will only be as nice as your printer. Consider using a trusted firm.

Basic 3D navigation in Paint MC

You’ve got a nice idea for your t-shirt. Now, it’s time you need a good ping internet for everything online smoothly, a high RAM, and get acquainted with basic 3D navigation. For beginners, you should try to make easy 3D graphics by MS Paint drawings – Paint 3D before getting some difficult, complex 3D tools.

Keep in mind some Paint 3D navigations to make your products easily and nicely:


Brushes tool mimics real materials without the mess even when using watercolor, you can see the Paint smudging. You can use this tool to assist personalize your ideas with professional effects such as polished metal and matte.

Turn on Global Colors to select a suitable color
Brushes tool in 3D Paint 

2D – 3D Shapes:

It’s easy to draw nice shapes with 2D shapes through the line and curve tool. You can use the control circles, and adjust the curvature to the desired angle. Also, click “Make 3D” to convert the form into a layer with more rotation possibilities.


Select unique effects to make your design more attractive and deeper such as mist or light/ dark. Your 3D scenes can be more realistic when changing the environment and lightning

3D View mode:

You can turn around and view your stuff from any angle. There are additional controls for zooming in and out of the canvas, as well as the option to set a specific zoom amount.

3D view mode
3D view mode

That’s all about basic tips for beginner T shirt Paint designs. Prepare a good ping speed and strong PC, it’s time to make perfect artwork. Hope you create amazing 3D T-shirt designs at the beginning step.


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